What is Oak & Mint?
Oak & Mint is a Bay Area-based creative agency made to fulfill a wide range of creative needs your company may have. Do you want illustrations to accompany your own content? Need a page layout designed? An animation on your site or in your game? A new company logo? A whole new brand identity? We can provide all these services and more.

Why "Oak & Mint"?
The oak is a steadfast tree, a symbol of strength and endurance. It wonderfully encapsulates Oak & Mint's diligence in seeing our projects through to their end. Mint, meanwhile, is a tenacious herb that is versatile and can adapt to many environments–not unlike the breadth of fields Oak & Mint works within. 

The name has meaning in more personal terms as well. The oak is the national tree of the United States, Lithuania, and Germany, and thus ties together every element of heritage for Oak & Mint founder Jonas Vilnius. As for mint, the fragrance and taste are things he has developed a strong preference for. If oak for him represents nature, mint represents nurture.


Who is Oak & Mint?
Jonas Vilnius, Creative Director
A New Yorker turned Californian (by the legal name of Jason Williams), Jonas is the founder of Oak & Mint and an artist who designs smart-looking stuff, draws cute nonsense, and gawks at ducks. He spends perhaps too much time reading and occasionally wonders what a scientist's life is like, since he marvels at plants and animals and rocks so much (they're MINERALS, Marie). If you give him a burrito he will probably eat it without too many questions, and he will describe himself in the third person in bio sections as doing so in first person makes him inexplicably feel weird. 

You can download his résumé here.

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