Live at last!

It's taken the better part of three months (on and off), but I've finally installed Wordpress and ginned up a suitable theme. It's a logical extension of the old design, taking what worked before and adding some new functionality. Moving from a completely custom HTML engine for the site to a Wordpress engine should allow me a lot more versatility with how I display my work - just take a look at the galleries listed at top, with their slick transitions and significantly larger images! It also makes it far easier to update the site, so new work should be added more frequently now. I've also finally got a dedicated Design section, though there's nothing in it just yet. It will be updated soon with some of the typography and layout I've done, but my primary concern was getting the site moved from its testing page to the main page and having the Illustration and Sketchbook sections ready to go. So take a look around, and shoot me an email if you have any comments!