Geekbox Podcast

I'm proud to add these pieces to my Design work. You can read the full story behind their creation below the fold.

Sadly, at the beginning of this month about two-thirds of the editors of preferred source for gaming info--and their sister magazine EGM were laid off by their parent company Ziff Davis. One of the highlights of 1UP was its podcasts, which gave a voice and identity to the editors. They became people you related to, a sort of friend-you've-never-met, and let listeners feel it was OK to be fully immersed in gaming and its unique culture. So, suffice to say, it was a pretty hard blow to the community to see these people lose their jobs.

Almost immediately afterwards, however, many of those cut loose by Ziff refused to roll over and wished to maintain their connection with their loyal followers. Schemes were hatched, plans were made, and ultimately brand-new podcasts were created. Several formed Rebel FM as part of "Eat. Sleep. Game." while others started "Area 5" to house their new video podcast CO-OP.

Still others worked on another podcast, which brings us to the point of this post. Ryan Scott, previously a part of 1UP's CGW/GFW Radio and its successor LAN Party, decided to keep the dream alive by starting up The Geekbox podcast, suitably named after its home base at "The Geekbox."

Living frugally as I am, I thought that instead of donating money to support these endeavors I could donate my artistic skills. After whipping up a banner I sent it off to Ryan saying to feel free to use it or not. I'm glad to say he happily adopted it for the podcast and asked for a square rendition that would basically serve as the album art. It's incredibly exciting and rewarding to see one's artwork on the iTunes music store, and to have a shout-out in the podcast, and for that I say to Ryan: THANK YOU!