Eli & Amos' Great Undersea Adventure

After teasing it in previous posts, here at last is my latest illustration: Eli & Amos' Great Undersea Adventure! My schedule permitted only sporadic work on this (much like the previous Eli & Amos piece), and it's a far more complex—some might say ambitious—illustration than its predecessor. It was great fun to work on though, and a great opportunity to learn. I like changing my process up to avoid stagnation and allow for learning new techniques. The challenge here was finding an approach different from "Circumnavigate" that would net quicker, better results while retaining the same style as its predecessor. The sheer amount of detail in this made it take longer in total, but I'm quite happy with the end result.

In site news, after putting it off for entirely too long I've finally caved and installed the newest WordPress. Ordinary visitors might not notice much of a difference (aside from faster page loads), but it was definitely worth it: the tools on the publishing side are far richer than their already-rich precursors. I look forward to making future website updates. :)