Oh Hey

I have a website! It would seem I've apparently forgotten. Well, there hasn't been much to update with as I've been quite busy doing work for others, and not so much for me. As of April I've moved from Los Angeles to San Francisco and have taken on a 2D Artist position for Zynga's FrontierVille. It's a fantastic job! But I can't show or say much more than that. And since my personal life is now going rather swimmingly, I have little time for my own art… so I'm formally putting this site on indefinite hiatus. There's always something on my mind, so I think I'll be paying Twitter the time of day again; but just as I can't share much about my job here, nor will I there. Maybe every once in a while I'll make some new artwork though (after all, I still want to make something with Eli & Amos!), so if I do you can find out about it there, and eventually it'll get posted here. Anyways, happy trails to you!